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AEA Law Firm has wealthy of experiences and expertise on acting on a variety of different corporate and commercial matters, the AEA advice and consulting client on virtually all aspects of business and commercial life so the AEA provides tailored and expeditious incorporation services of all types of commercial companies in Egypt and assists including:

Legal warning.

Intellectual property litigation (Trademarks - Copyright disputes - Disputes concerning registration intellectual property rights. - Patents and industrial design disputes).

Represent our clients at diverse types of disputes before the cassation court.

Labour litigation.



We have the most experienced litigation team, it has handled thousands of cases before all type and grades of courts, in addition to offering legal advice and counseling in disputes, our firm represents its client in all aspects and stages of litigation as well.

Our extensive and comprehensive role in litigation takes the client from pre cases consulting up to the final enforcement whereas The litigation team of AEA law firm handles the diverse type of lawsuits which includes:

Real estate litigation.

Criminal disputes .

Civil and commercial litigation.

Administrative court litigation.

Real Estate


AEA   Law Firm provides comprehensive service, covering all aspect of the law relating to ownership, construction, and use of the land and building we have a wealth experience in all aspect of property development, sales, and leases.

It also helps the client who seeks to obtain a lease financing from a bank for their properties with the bank, by negotiating to draft and finalizing the relevant agreement
Our firm has the skills and expertise to provide advice and support to our client on all aspects of their construction and real estate activity.

In addition to advice on construction and professional service agreement, our industry expertise includes the following at construction and real estate law.

IP portfolio management.

Trademarks services:
A.   Trademarks search before filing it with Attorney's analysis about registration probabilities 
B.   Responding to office actions
C.   Filing the petition 
D.   Filing and responding to oppositions 
E.   Cancelation action 
F.   All Recordals services: trademark assignments, mergers, name and address changes 
G.   Obtaining the registration certificate 
H.   Renewal services
I.    Trademark watch services and monitor all published trademarks and sent a notice to our clients in the case of infringement on its trademarks
J.    We registered the trademark worldwide applying through local offices and WIPO Madrid. 

Patents / industrial design services:

A.     Patent / industrial design  search before filing it.
B.     Filing and prosecution service.
C.     Responding to the office action.
D.     Filing the petition.
E.     Assignments and Licensing according to the law perspective.

IP registration: 
A.     Registration trademarks 
B.     Patents / industrial design 
C.     Copyrights 

Intellectual Property


AEA Law Firm has a strong team, specialized and experienced attorneys at all intellectual property rights, Also our team has experience which makes it able to handle many different intellectual property matters and give a precise legal consultation.

AEA team believe in the importance of providing intellectual property rights for all and protect the intellectual property from infringement because the intellectual property has an impact on the business activity whether for companies or individuals.

Intellectual property rights are one of the fastest-changing and growing investments in Egypt where our legal facilitation plays a big role that meets our client requirements.

AEA team is qualified to provide creative solutions to most of IP matters, including without limitation:

Establishment companies.

Real estate taxation. 

Real estate contract and registration.

Inheritance real estate matters.

Social insurance litigation.

Bankrupt claims.

Tax disputes.

Family disputes.

Post-award and enforcement proceedings (Domestic enforcement of awards - Forced execution proceedings - Nullification and challenge to arbitral awards).

Draft and review all types of contracts in English and Arabic.

provide all services related to minutes of board meetings, ordinary and extraordinary  general assemblies and its ratification.

advise on the various corporate matters from an Egyptian law perspective.

Represent our clients at various authorities such as General Authority for Investment  and Free Zones (GAFI), Commercial Register, Public Notary, Chamber of Commerce, Tax Authority, Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors (EFCBC), Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Tourism Development Authority (TDA), General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC).

Capital increase companies.

Amend companies’ legal form.


Handling all issues related to foreign employees including work permits and visas.

Management re-structure.

Temporary suspension of the corporation.

Merger and Acquisitions.


Tourism, hotel, travel, and service. 

Drafting and review of all policies of the companies such as commercial, leaves, and separation policies according to the law perspective.

Conduct Due Diligence on proposed Merger and Acquisitions according to the scope of the busines.

Copyrights services:
A.   Filing the work ( compilation ) before:-
     •   the author 's right protection office at the ministry of culture.
     •   transmission audio, visual and audiovisual work protection office at the ministry of media..
     •   information technology industry development agency (ITIDA).
B.   obtaining the license of the work ( compilation ).
C.   obtaining the certificates of deposits.
D.   review and drafting the contracts for exploitation the work  (compilation ).
E.    litigation and enforcement.

IP Litigation.

Franchising and licensing agreements.

Technology, media, and telecommunication (TMT).

Real estate mortgage.

Advice contractors and developers on the legalities and licensing of commercial, residential, retail and touristic & hotel projects and developments.

Drafting sales, purchasing and construction agreements.

Leasing and portfolio management.

Handling public/private partnership projects.

Real Estate suit.



AEA Law Firm has a wide range of experience in all aspects of the relationship between the Employer and the Employee, besides handling all aspects of labour law and social insurance according to the law prescriptive including without limitation:

Advise our clients  on the employment law and regulation.

Draft and review employment agreement.

Work permit and visas.

Draft secondment agreement.

Draft and review the car allowance, miscellaneous benefits, and transporting allowance policies.

Arbitrary dismissal.

Manage of labour issues following a merger or acquisition.

Setting up bonuses and other schemes.

Involuntary dismissal and voluntary dismissal.

Investigate labour dismissal and reduction cases (both individual and collective).

Banking & Finance


AEA   Law Firm has a wide range of experience at the financial and banking industry, AEA advice and give a practical solution to all aspects of banking and financial law and acts on the full range.
Samples of the deals we are involved included:

Real Estate Financing.

Syndications  and related securities and guarantees.

Bank Lending.


assisting clients in understanding their options, managing their risks and making the best-informed decisions for their entities.

Reviewing and drafting mortgage contract.

financial leasing companies other financial institutions.

Islamic Finance.